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The Hermann Battle - The Varus Battle
Motion picture Germany 1993-1995
© Schlossfilm c/o Stefan Mischer, Hamburg

The loss of three entire legions under Publius Quinctilius Varus was
one of the greatest military disasters in Roman history.
Thinking he was marching with his troups to put down a minor insurrection, Varus advanced into the forests of northern Germany in September 9 AD and walked into a trap. In the ensuing battle Varus lost about 20,000 men. As a result, the Roman Empire never again attempted to annex the land east of the Rhine frontier.
This extraordinary film describes the famous conflict between the Romans and German tribes 2000 years ago, when Augustus, the Roman Emperor, tried to extend the Empire's borders in the North towards the Elbe river.

The clever Cheruskian warlord Hermann, who is called "Arminius" by the historians, gathers his folks and allies to thwart the Roman plans. In a horrible battle he defeats three Roman legions. Their leader, Quinctilius Varus, kills himself, because he is unwilling to accept that the best army of his day should have failed.
"The Hermann Battle" is not a typical action film. It is a kind of comedy that some critics have compared to "Monty Python's Flying circus". But as we all know, British humour cannot be copied, and the authors of "The Hermann Battle" didn't even try to do it.
The humour of "The Hermann Battle" is quite sophisticated and sometimes it helps to know the dramas written about the Hermann Battle by such classical German Writers as Heinrich von Kleist and Christian Dietrich Grabbe. If you haven't ever heard these gentlemen's names, you can at least enjoy the pictures of the wonderful forrest, where the motion-picture was shot, a lot of horses, eagles, and rabbits running around, as well as the selfmade costumes, a Hollywood director would never dare to use in a film. The plot of "The Hermann Battle" is situated in the first century A.D., but sometimes the authors switch to the 19th and 20th century to show some of the later interpretations of this historical event. So, you can see Grabbe and Kleist in a dispute, dealing with the correct access to this topic, or you can accompany a group of obsessed tourists, who want to intervene in the battle.

The authors and producers of this film are Christian Deckert, Hartmut Kiesel,
Christoph Köster, Stefan Mischer and Cornelius Völker.
It was realized between 1993 and 1995. The first public screening took place in Dusseldorf in Mai 1995. In 1996 the opus was honoured by an international jury in Kiel, where it was presented during an archeological film-festival.
"The Hermann Battle" was successfully shown in arthouse-cinemas in the whole of Germany.

We can offer a 16 mm film and a VHS Version of this 71 minutes film. A DVD with amazing bonus tracks is also available.
The actors speak German and Latin, with German subtitles.
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