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Stefan Mischer was born in Bielefeld.
Later his family moved to Detmold, where he lived until 1985.
In this old town, surrounded by green forrests Stefan Mischer began to experiment with his imagination, writing fairy tales and short stories. Nine years old he discovered the world of Super 8 movies and as a teenager he made his first films, shot outside in the romantic landscape.

1987 Stefan Mischer moved to Munich, where he worked as a camera-assistant and as an editor. Two years later he started studying screenwriting in Brussels. In this time he made his first professional films: One of them, "Das kandierte Land" ("The Candy Land") is a thirty minute long interpretation of "Adam and Eve". He went on to produce the movie "The Hermann Battle" with Christian Deckert, Hartmut Kiesel, Christoph Köster and Cornelius Völker.

Since the early nineties Stefan Mischer has made hundreds of documentaries and feature films for German television and ARTE.
Stefan Mischer lives and works in Hamburg and Berlin.

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